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Trauma Incident Recorder
Helping to visualise and de-fragment memories and events

Published: Friday, 08 April 2022 03:18:16 AM

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Helping to visualise and de-fragment memories and events You tell your story in detail just the once as you have a standardized single location in your control that you can distribute or provide to the professionals of your choice

Assisting you to document and tell your story

Trauma Incident Recorder puts the power in your hands, enabling individuals to speak freely.

Trauma Incident Recorder is a powerful online tool designed to assist you to build a structured timeline of incidents and their associated details through our own adaptive learning systems.

The recorder uses the power of cloud based software and services to begin the process of putting your incidents into a format suitable for a variety of requirements from a basic timeline through to the production of complex reports using a combination of adaptive and machine learning together with trained professionals.

The following provides anyone online to use the first of these publicly available tools that will allow you to begin that process.

Why? - There are many advantages

Using our tool, you can build a timeline of each incident and it's details - including any conditions associated. These can be linked in a variety of ways to further contextual understandings for both clients and professionals. Our intuitive system tracks changes as your understanding of your story unfolds, helping to untangle complex narratives. We aim to provide a way for individuals -- particularly those suffering from severe stress -- to effectively and securely communicate with professionals while minimizing repetition and habituation while maintaining ownership control and minimized waste spending.

The procedure is provided as is; no warranty is inferred or implied in relation to your use of linked software or this procedure. This procedure is freely available to anyone and requires the use of an Android phone or tablet and is available free on line. Follow the download and installation here.

If you wish to learn more simply email

This procedure is provided publicly where users are urged to inform themselves of the conditions of use from the linked web sites; as well you should assess the suitability as to your use of this procedure. We strongly recommend consulting with your professional support providers to ensure that the process is suitable for your needs.

In using the procedure you agree that the provider of these services provides no warranty and bears no responsibility for how you use the software or in relation to traumatic events that you describe and document. If you need assistance in documenting to our requires please read more about Our Services.

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