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Bullying in the Workplace Scenario
Empowerment over a workplace bully

Published: Friday, 08 April 2022 03:18:16 AM

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Empowerment over a workplace bully You tell your story in detail just the once as you have a standardized single location in your control that you can distribute or provide to the professionals of your choice

Putting the recorder to use in a workplace bullying scenario

Turn the recorder on, set the screen-saver on. Pop the phone in your pocket and allow your bully to incriminate themselves.

Is it legal to do this?

*Yes. The one requirement of law is that one party to the conversation must be aware that a recording is being made. In the above instance you are that one party and are acting within the law appropriately. Also take on-board the fact that you are entitled to protect yourself in any bullying circumstance; this is your right and no-one has a right to prevent you. *Check the law in your state as laws in each state may vary.

We will not support or provide services, advice or assistance to anyone who uses or attempts to use our methods to bully any individual; this includes those who have bullied you. The intention is bring a stop to all bullying.

Once you have detailed your evidence, it is time to consider the proper, legal and appropriate ways to put this evidence to your best advantage in an appropriate legal process. Do not become a bully yourself. Be advised that if you attempt to bully anyone using the above method you will risk facing charges and will have lost your best opportunity to recover from an unsafe, toxic circumstance.

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