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Published: Thursday, 25 November 2021 03:18:16 AM

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Content of this page is at draft stage only

This is a basic beginning for the way the Development Codebase software will operate - we will be releasing the first Beta in mid to late 2022.

John Brown is a diverse modern partnership with a deep understanding of today's ethical business needs and practices. We walk together, following examples from the world's of science and indigenous knowledge; and recognise the need for sound and decisive actions by all to guarantee safety for all, now and on into the future.

Establishing safety and helping you to find ways to feel safe.

Providing a safe platform with your own information so that processing that builds healthy introspection can become accessible.

Creates an environment where integration of traumatic experiences can become effective.

Help to reduce stress and improve resilience.

We use security best practices, such that any personal information you give us is encrypted before it is sent to us for further processing in the upcoming TiR app. More information to come.

Bringing self management for productive adjustment, healthy people in an safe and informed community.


The questioning this is me. As it's me. What's happened?

I don't want that body out. Transcript. Hello. I wanted to be three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nineteen, twelve thirteen fourteen now must be recording let's see if it's transcribing. I don't want that. Right okay to my mind which was the topic of the DSM. I've been. Working my way down through future projects in the corporate end of JD expansions and.

And I added a little. Legal module well evidence module, in fact as is a way of taking statements from different verbal or written statements of from someone and Wayne and giving it giving that statement it's due recognition and. And either if we rejected give a reason for the rejection from working off subject to whatever if we accept it he is reasons why if we think that there is a criminal action there is very more the reference to the law, they are the if there's been other examples etc, so that's something I thought the machine learning could.

Do a lot of work in looking up. Referencing there if you setting out a bit of a bot having your own robot inspired through trauma informed evidence would building a reference space the system in that manner then referencing external or referencing links to evidence. Management points and thing about diary.

I think along the lines of of the medical system and the the veracity of some systems such as the employee bagels theory and and. And it's based on this evidence yet it finishes up. Out of the current mainstream the treatment it's it's deemed only edge of.



TiR Trauma Incident Recorder

Event Recorder puts the power in your hands, enabling individuals to speak freely.

Using our tool, you can build a timeline of each incident and it's details - including any conditions associated. These can be linked in a variety of ways to further contextual understandings for both clients and professionals. Our intuitive system tracks changes as your understanding of your story unfolds, helping to untangle complex narratives. We aim to provide a way for individuals -- particularly those suffering from severe stress -- to effectively and securely communicate with professionals and minimise waste spending.

Trauma Survivors Perpetual Archive

Concept: Perpetual Archive of Survivors stories (150 Years) using Incident Recorder as a tool to self document while providing unprecedented fine grained anonymized data in the process.

International Surveys on Human Rights, Safety, Recovery, Redress, Justice and reintegration.

Trauma Research

Document the success or failure rate of each of the mainstream and "alternative" mental health journies, their survival, their recovery and what they have learned from the experience.

Advocate from the Human Rights of Children

Neuro feedback, psychedelics, nootropics all should be accessible together with trauma informed based on evidence if they can help bring internal safety to people whose sense of safety has been harmed through the processes of the world we live in today.

JBX is a diverse modern partnership with a deep understanding of today's ethical business needs and practices. We walk together, following the examples of the world's indigenous peoples; and recognise the need for sound and decisive actions by all to guarantee safety for all, now and in the future through bringing equality and safety together with power and control into the hands of the people of Australia so that future children are never again exposed to the litany of frauds that they have been exposed to.

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If you have not yet begun your journey of addressing childhood traumas and the myths and legends that were your development environment then you may encounter emotional experiences with some of the content of our web sites.

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