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Published: Thursday, 25 November 2021 03:18:16 AM

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The content on this site is protected by various copyright laws and does contain both religious and government/political material and makes reference to sexual matters which some may find difficult or offensive.

(1) Distribution, when it can be unambiguously and demonstrably shown to be in the public interest and the common good of society or be demonstrably shown to be in the unambiguous common good of all children may be freely linked, forwarded, reproduced, reprinted, redistributed and replicated in any manner when it is accompanied with an acknowledgement of its source(s). *This condition does not apply to password controlled pages.

(2) Distribution, either in part or in whole for any other purposes is strictly prohibited. Breaches of copyright, property rights or ownership will be vigorously pursued under pertinent laws, statutes or regulations of Australia or other laws, statutes or regulations in the country or domain where breaches occur.

Please contact John Brown for authorization if you wish to distribute copyright material or use Token protected material or information by providing full contact details and a description of the purpose for which copyrighted material is to be used.

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By submitting material for publication to the John Brown web site you provide your authority for publication in accord with your User Agreement. Publication duration remains the preserve of the John Brown web site or as defined in your User Agreement.

The author, their heirs and their successors shall be the final arbiter(s) of any disputed authorship, publication, distribution or usage rights, their decision shall be final.

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If you have not yet begun your journey of addressing childhood traumas and the myths and legends that were your development environment then you may encounter emotional experiences with some of the content of our web sites.

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