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Key: Incident Recording, Documentation, Reduced Trauma, Reconstruction, Maintain Ownership

Published: Friday, 08 April 2022 03:18:16 AM

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Maintain Control and Ownership of your data and story. Reduces long-term immersion risks while remaining Adaptable and Effective.

Five principles to Trauma Informed Care: safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment.

Reduce Trauma

The TiR© adaptive-response algorithm that is bounded by evidence based criteria and systems that allows multiple modes of documentation that has the potential to deliver up to a 90% reduction in incidental trauma and embedding.


An Australian design and development team with a focus on supporting the natural memory reconstruction processes. Effective integration of the science and evidence of trauma recovery within the legal, justice and medical systems.

Maintain Ownership

Maintain Control and Ownership of your story and documentation while being able to produce professional level documentation across diverse fields with the minimum of repetition and exposure to traumatic material.

Download and install Google Recorder

The TiR method allows users to customize their documentation process to their individual needs via its single point of encrypted storage that allows the owner to disseminate selectively as required in a required format.

  Incident Recording    Documentation    Reduced Trauma    Reconstruction    Maintain Ownership    Safety    Trustworthiness    Choice    Collaboration    Empowerment  

If you have not yet begun your journey of addressing childhood traumas and the myths and legends that were your development environment then you may encounter emotional experiences with some of the content of our web sites.

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