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Google Recorder - Download, install, set-up
Helping to visualise and de-fragment memories and events


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Google Recorder - Download, install, set-up

Helping to visualise and de-fragment memories and events

With the advent of machine learning and AI, megacorporations like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google have all made significant strides in consumer products for computer transcription. One examplar in the field is Google Recorder which uses the same technology as its Voice Assistant on Android, and Google Home devices. Google has offered a voice typing function within its online docs platform for a number of years alongside the plethora of other voice-to-text services over the past decades.

The app is available here if you have a Google Pixel phone.

What sets Recorder apart from other solutions are:
      no 'training' period - you can start transcribing as soon as you open the app
      superior accuracy
      handles multiple speakers reasonably well
      offline live transcription
      great tools for refining and editing transcripts
      free cloud sync (some limitations apply)
      integration with Google Assistant - "Hey Google start a Voice Recording"

While multiple speakers are somewhat supported, Recorder does not separate who is speaking. It will try and correct its grammar as if one person were speaking. You may need to edit the transcript to indicate this if it is important to you. Recorder can handle people talking very soon after one another but does not handle people speaking over each other well.

Currently you cannot upload existing recordings to be transcribed. We are working towards providing this functionality through the TIRcorder when possible. You can support the development here. If transcription of an existing recording is required it should be possible to play the recording from one device into the microphone jack of a supported device via an audio splitter or in a pinch, a virtual machine and the Virtual Audio Cable app. Using the device's inbuilt microphone to listen to speakers playing an existing recording does work, but not as well.

If you do not have an Android device, you can still access the app using a virtual machine like Bluestacks however Android 9 is the latest supported version from Bluestacks so only version 1 of the app can be installed, limiting you to US English. Other options are available to run virtual machines using Android 10 and later however these are suggested only for very advanced users.

If you do not have a Google Pixel phone you can download the app directly at: and follow our guide below. We estimate the process should take about five minutes.

If doing so you will most likely need to also install SAI

The basic steps for installing on non-pixel phones are listed below. You can also view our image guide below if you need further guidance.

1. Visit the Google Recorder page at View image

2. Select the latest version by pressing the download icon. View image

3. Select the appropriate variant by pressing the appropriate download icon. View image

4. Install SAI. no image

5. Allow SAI access to your files. View image

6. Select the .apkm file we just downloaded. View image

7. Allow SAI permission to install files. View image

8. Enable appropriate DPI and language options. English is enabled by default. View image

9. Change language settings once app is installed. View image

no link to image 7

Visit Google Recorder's official page, or the app's page on the Play Store to learn more about the functions of Google Recorder.

Google Recorder at

First we will need to download manually download Google Recorder at Back to installation steps


Select the Download button again now on the latest supported version. Here you can find this version uses Android 10 or later. Back to installation steps

Download is starting

Once the download is starting you will see a page like this. Once the item is finished downloading you will notice the bottom section pop up. You must have an installer that is capable of opening .apkm files, here we opt to install Split APK Installer (SAI) for this function. Back to installation steps

Allow SAI access

Once you have installed SAI from the Play Store, open it and select 'Allow' so SAI can access files on your phone. Back to installation steps

Select file

Now we will navigate to where the app was downloaded. By default this is Internal Storage -> Download Back to installation steps

Selecting recorder from apkmirror

Once inside the Download folder, tap the file we just downloaded to select it and then press the 'Select' button. Back to installation steps

Installing SAI

SAI will now ask us for the permissions it requires to be able to install apps. This is normal and generally safe as we are using unmodified program files. These permissions can be optionally revoked after completing the tutorial. Press the Settings button to proceed to settings. Back to installation steps

Install unknown apps

Tap the 'Allow from this source' flag, and ensure it is enabled before proceeding. Press the Back button on your phone to return to SAI. Back to installation steps

Select languages required - there is a note on a different page that states 'Transcription and search are available in English only'

We now see the options for installing the app. Here we can select a higher DPI (resolution) version of the app. Notice the highlighted text stating our device DPI is 420, and SAI has automatically selected the lower '480 DPI' option. Below we can select the languages required - Google states 'Transcription and search are available in English only'. This has not been verified by us. To our knowledge, the app is capable of supporting many languages and dialects. The languages you have installed on your phone may affect this. Different language settings can be found within the Recorder app once installed. Select 'Install' once appropriate options are enabled. Back to installation steps

Select languages required

Here you can see language options within the app. This can also be accessed from the app's home page by tapping on your profile picture in the top right and selecting 'Recorder Settings'. Back to installation steps

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