Trauma in Religion

Insurmountable power deployed directly against young Catholic children overwhelms and overpowers them making them vulnerable

' Insurmountable power deployed directly against young Catholic children overwhelms and overpowers them making them vulnerable'

The power games against children perpetrated by Catholics and their clerics

The priest holds the power of life and death for you, your family and others and could at a whim wield that power against you and any who stood to defend you in less time that it takes you to take a breath.

The power of that influence is such that any believing adult must fold as to go against the wishes of the priest was social and economic suicide in this life and perpetual shame and torture in the next not just for yourself but for those you loved and cared for the most as these were more easily presented in this blackmail by those who were the product of generations of this continuous rort by the priestly classes..

The process deprives every individual within the system of their human right to security, liberty and self determination.

The protection of the rights of Catholic children in the Catholic religion is possibly the greatest deception against the state, parents and children across every community in the country.

A childless class of men with unfettered control over a billion people with infinite degrees of instant life taking punishment is not just cruel it is objectively insane..

That fact is astonishing in it's reality today in a time where Human Rights aspirations are several generations old and yet no champions step forward to protect Catholic children from being drawn into the largest sexually depraved and dysfunctional religion on the planet that survives only on its own claims of connections, powers and authority.

Insurmountable power deployed directly against young Catholic children overwhelms and overpowers them making them vulnerable

"Human rights abuses begin at the earliest possible opportunity for traumatized Catholic children and their families."

Every child born into the Catholic religion will have folded at some point during their introduction to their God and their demon spirits and places. They adapted and integrated by becoming silent and defensive about the particular reasoning and method that overwhelmed them - they had no choice if they were to survive their childhood.

Given a clear description and a clear option without any form of coercion or hold by any religion it becomes almost impossible to describe the horror of the degree of control put into the hands of clergy by this process.

No child in a safe supportive well adapted environment would willing make the choice to align itself with a power and control, family shattering, rape enabling culture that has deployed this most degrading human rights abusing form of psychological enslavement and entrapment under the cover of the freedom to practice this form of human slavery in the child's best interests.

Some took the authority of the Church to empower themselves and others to extend the power of clerical life control within the religion to all of those in the wider community. It takes this type of structure to simultaneously corrupt every policy in the country to the extent that each of the 8 or so policing jurisdictions in the country could simultaneously overlook prolific rape crimes by clergy and within religious environments.

The impact affected every rape crime in the country and that continues today simply because we continue to live in the result of one of the most bizarre and damaging to human social development experiments ever devised.

The effects are systemically embedded into every aspect of what is meant to be a democratic system of secular governance that upholds and respects the human rights and dignity of every man, woman and child within the country as that is the duty of care carried by every government in Australia and that duty has been repeatedly abused and denied to large segments of Australian society as a result of the destructive influence of failed belief systems like those of the Catholic and other religions.

Why Australia needs a Bill of Rights

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The inability of a child to thrive in a God based rape culture can never be the product of a fault with the child.


There is no room in a life for pleasant, prosperous and safe lives when you have publicly identified and exposed some of the deep flaws in the claims of the Christian philosophy and those who profit from those deceptions, frauds and abuses of the human rights of the majority of the people .

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