Trauma in Religion

The Outcomes

The Interplay of Religious Indoctrination and Children's Rights: A Multidisciplinary Analysis

Attaining these results and the methods employed

Attachment Phases in Human Development

Sensorimotor phase (0-2 years)

Children are bound to external authority figures by their parents and may undergo distressing experiences that can leave lasting memories of fear and helplessness.

Preoperational phase (2-7 years)

During this crucial phase of psychological development, children are exposed to religious concepts of god and hell. This period is when children form personal boundaries, responsibility, identification, attachment to family, and a sense of community.

The development process for a child involves both "Theory of mind" from a scientific perspective and formation from a religious standpoint. Early exposure is crucial to ensure enduring adherence and absolute obedience, often through traumatic bonding, by parents who were similarly influenced as children.

Children are considered the property of the Church in this context, and their rights are often overlooked as they are abandoned to religious influences. Governments rarely challenge this authority, and the rights of the child are frequently disregarded under the pretense of religious guidance.

During these early encounters, children are introduced to concepts of guilt, scapegoating, bullying, threats, and deception. They are taught to accept myths as truth and to deny facts and evidence. This process instills the belief that life is filled with pain and suffering, but also miracles and fantasy, depending on one's associations and responses.

Religion's true purpose is to gain complete control over the child's mind, allowing religious authorities to inflict psychological trauma for the sake of "saving" the child from real-world horrors. The process demands immediate obedience and constant awareness of an all-knowing god in one's thoughts.

Individuals of all ages must submit to the overwhelming power held by higher authorities, extending to the Vatican and the Pope. Comprehensive control of the child's mind is established through early religious education. By the time a child starts first grade, they are compliant to those who claim a connection to the omnipresent god in their mind. Fear forms a strong bond, and suffering is expected in this environment.

Love and compassion are often absent in this process, replaced by ownership, productivity, and the accumulation of wealth and power for those in control.

These practices are carried out under the guise of religion, with no tolerance for dissent from those involved. There is little resistance from adult followers.

The child faces limited options and is often coerced into compliance with the demands of their religion or risk the ultimate fear: death.

DDuring these developmental years, the child is forced to submit in every encounter. Their minds are molded to fit a structured way of thinking, without their consent. The child's body undergoes various adaptations to survive in an environment based on myth and superstition.

Concrete operational phase (7-11 years)

Control and ownership are ingrained into the child's psyche. They engage in the confession process, seeking forgiveness for any deviation from doctrine. Their mind is dominated by the desires of the religion and religious figures, and their rights are overshadowed by the unproven claims of the faith.

During this critical period, some children may attempt to escape through various strategies, as the instinct for survival can override the indoctrination.

When the true nature of religious concepts is revealed, it becomes evident that this is a highly sophisticated method of grooming and control. Yet, governments continue to allow this power to be handed to religious institutions based on unproven beliefs. Children and society deserve better.

The ultimate goal is complete control of the child's mind from birth to death, and even in the afterlife. In this state of control, the child becomes highly susceptible to the influence of those with religious authority over them. Boundaries are often nonexistent, as every aspect of human psychology has been captured by the religious indoctrination process.

Few children manage to escape this environment

Child Victims caught up in Centuries old Battle

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The inability of a child to thrive in a God based rape culture can never be the product of a fault with the child.


There is no future for children or humanity in a society that repeatedly forgets how to protect its children and its most vulnerable by constantly hijacking the rights of the child to appease and to account for the failures of the only infallible man on the planet who along with his clerics consistently gets the rights of children as wrong as it is possible to be.

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