Trauma in Religion

An introduction or indoctrination?

Is the introduction process a safe and ethical one for children? Research supports this hypothesis.

Is the process safe, moral and ethical?   Proposals to reproduce the introduction process and to then test the ability of third parties to influence or control children introduced in this way can not be conducted in a safe and ethically responsible manner, yet this process is carried out daily on tens of thousands of children on behalf of the Catholic religion.

If no safe means can be designed or implemented to test the safety of the introduction should the practice be allowed to continue in Australia given the global evidence of child sex crimes in more than a thousand religious institutions?

Should the practice be able to by-pass safety and ethical scrutiny or a determination of degree of risk in areas such as attachment, psychological safety, modern day slavery, entrapment of children, psychological battery, fraud, deception and more?

Read the ethics guidelines for human research in Australia *National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) - Updated 2018

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The inability of a child to thrive in a God based rape culture can never be the product of a fault with the child.


There is no future for children or humanity in a society that repeatedly forgets how to protect its children and its most vulnerable by constantly hijacking the rights of the child to appease and to account for the failures of the only infallible man on the planet who along with his clerics consistently gets the rights of children as wrong as it is possible to be.

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