Trauma in Religion

Child Victims caught up in Centuries old Battle

Caught up in the continuance of the protocols, the conflict, denial and the mythology of the historic battle between the Monarchy and the Vatican. No child deserves these levels of hypocrisy and public criminal insanity.

Children have a right to protection by law from the state. By providing Health and Community services through religious institutions known to have committed thousand upon thousand of Human Rights crimes against children the state has enabled, empowered and continues to finance a religion because it only has more than 7,000 credibly accused or convicted child rapists that the Church tried to protect and successfully did that through the tax dollars of the parents of children who destined to be sexually abused and denied their human life for their entirety of their existence.

Establishing and maintaining the authority of the God of the British Monarchy and the supremacy of the King James version of the Christian Bible has led to a plethora of Human Rights crimes in Australia against against the most vulnerable in the community.

Operating in accord with decades of coordination, planning with intent to protect abusive institutions before the rights of children.

Eonsecutive governments have allowed themselves or have deliberately stolen the right to Safety of countless children to Justice and to Redress as a result of the failings of the states through actions that have replaced specific wording to minimise the cost of the criminal behaviour by religious institutions doing harm and injustice to the children specifically because of who their abusers were.

Weasel words and the intention to support abusive institutions over the Human Rights of children has been the traditional way that governments have operated in accord with the largest known collective of pedophiles on the face of the planet.

The fraud whereby victims of hideous sex crimes and life-long cover ups, blocking, barring, stymieing and denying at every level of governance of both Church and state continues to allow the Church to demand forgiveness else according to their teachings and stated philosophies, tenets et cetera are entitled to punish recalcitrant victims until they repent or die in that lifelong process pursued of Catholics.

Mental Reservations, Lie without Lying, Principal of Double Effect, harboring those who protected criminals in their role as Catholic clergy and constantly taking large sums of Australians money so that their lifestyle can continue.

Unprecedented. criminal, crimes against humanity crimes against children and laments from the men of mythology that they are after all only human.

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The inability of a child to thrive in a God based rape culture can never be the product of a fault with the child.

   Psychologically disconnected and emotionally dysfunctional clergy wielding life changing life threatening powers over defenceless children is an active and ongoing human rights crime that is invisibly built into the Australian culture.

To know and understand the reality and the extent of the ongoing abuse of the human rights of children in the Roman Catholic religion is far more important to humanity than any right this failed belief system can gouge from the population so it can declare itself a child safe religion under Australian law.

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