Trauma in Religion

Trauma in Religion Abstract

An inside understanding of the processes undertaken in a Catholic environment that compromise the developing minds of accessible children

Being the only atheist child in a Catholic family gave the perfect insight into the development of compromised Catholic children, you can read some of the authors life experiences here.

Trauma in Religion says that each child raised within the religion experiences life threatening trauma that persists in some instances for a lifetime or until they shed any false attachments that were forced onto them in earlier vulnerable moments of their existence.

The two main traumas experienced by the Catholic child between the age of 3 to 5 years are the encounters with a spirit that has direct control over their existence and a set of rules that holds total unbending power over them.

This single bizarre aspect plays a major role in every suicide attempt by victims of this form of abuse and entrapment and has far reaching ill effects on the whole of society.

Due to their earlier learning that they simply cannot surmount the implied and direct threats made against them via the beliefs and rules of a deeply flawed man made system that has evolved over time to be possibly the most insidious yet successful ever mind control game by sexually obsessed men when they are put into positions of ultimate control and power over others who have been manipulated by repeated human rights abuses to have learned that they must comply or die.

The Trauma in Religion hypothesis says that both of these events are lifelong, psychologically damaging experiences for human children while simultaneously being socially, morally and ethically corrupt and is destructive in any society or culture that permits such a state to persist.

This is the worst possible disastrous and deceptive event that developing children can experience as it breaches all notions of independence, safety, nurturance, human rights and human dignity. The experience is outside the normal range of safe human experiences and is the direct cause of much that we experience today in our daily lives.

The impact on the social and mental health of individuals, communities and indeed entire nations cannot be regulated or controlled; in fact the deception is often strengthened through the need for exemptions to secular laws and has played a large role in the failure of Australia to provide a Bill of Rights for its people and to fulfill the wishes of Australians coming out of a World War to bring human rights to all Australians..

Entrapment by this method is enshrined into our Constitution as a religious freedom in the hands of already compromised men and women.

Both events cause severe psychological shock and severe emotional distress while attacking the natural attachment process that we all go through in the natural progress of the development of our own true personality. When fully examined it will be found that many of our social dilemmas such as youth suicide, violence, family and social discord and much much more will be shown to have been prolonged and nurtured by these constructed family dynamics which have become protected to such an extent that we have enshrined the right of aberrant religions to act this way with impunity.

Our Constitution over-rides the human rights of children to reach their own full potential with their full personality intact and adequately formed.

The child who has no alternative other than to absorb and to comply if they are to survive in their environment or to remain in the comfort and safety afforded to them as children in their natural home and natural family experience.

The child must bend to the experience and it must distort and fracture its own personality simply so that it may survive in the environment in which it finds itself.

The child is often presented with both of these events in a simultaneous attack on their psychological senses. The impacts are severe to the extent of fracturing proper notions of self, family, personal boundaries and personal responsibility as these aspects of the child's personality have been transferred to the religion through its clergy and those that come above and below them.

The cycle is endless in its current configuration and does pose an immediate and imminent threat upon the person of each and every individual who is vulnerable or comes into contact with others who have been compromised.

These events are life threatening to the child and remain so for them as adults. The threat is persistent and all pervasive. This goes toward answering the anger, resistance and violence, expressions of victimhood, remorse etc across the spectrum of human emotions that can emanate from confrontation or attempts to appropriately address these issues.

This event makes them vulnerable to a distorted or broken attachment period where family identity is firstly fractured then stolen and then provided with a substituted family that includes each close identity (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister). The fracturing of identity and the substitution of family places the child in the control of the Catholic hierarchy and it's clergy.

Their own personality must be repressed and hidden completely simply so they may survive in the environment.

"An inside understanding of the processes undertaken in a Catholic environment that compromise the developing minds of accessible children"

The first experience that most encounter is the deep and personal intrusion through the notion of a stranger or another person to have the ability to know intimately their each and every word spoken and includes each and every thought the child has from that point on in their existence.

This spy in the mind of every Catholic child's head notion that comes with the introduction to the Catholic deity is the most direct personal attack possible on the vulnerable mind of a child.

The entrapment is comprehensive and insurmountable. The child knows that there is no possibility of escape from this intrusion. They have no choice if they want to survive other than submitting to the control of the dictates of the Vatican.

The second encounter is even more horrendous as this takes the form of a direct threat against the life of the child and includes the threat of exquisite torture for an indefinite and ongoing time that has no hope of ever ending.

No child can withstand such forces when no adults around them can withstand them unless they make the personal decision to fight or flee at the first opportunity; until then the Catholic child is frozen in a state of obedience on demand to each and every person who can wield the power and authority of those two components over them.

Catholic clergy are free to wield this power at any circumstance and do so on a daily or greater frequency basis and will continue to do so until the rights of children are legally placed before the rights of abnormal people and harmful beliefs posited as freedom of religion.

No adult let alone an impressionable and vulnerable child should ever be attacked in this way.

The root causes of the child sexual abuse and other horrific crimes against women and children can be found in every individual who has been successfully blackmailed and deceived into compliance or silence by these methods. It is through this method that the reason as to why every police jurisdiction in Australia arrived at the same conclusion and traditional respond to the rape of children by clergy for almost 100 years can be properly understood and to then show why it is so important for these forms of control to be legislated out of existence. .

This is an invisible driver in Australian politics and gives reason to the stalling and failure responses at a federal level in it's response to the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

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The inability of a child to thrive in a God based rape culture can never be the product of a fault with the child.


Our world is the product of an insane God who plays deadly games of rape, entrapment and exploitation with every accessible child through guidance and funding of the people under systemically failed democratic and justice systems and Constitutional protection.

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