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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood. The Christian religion at it's core is a toxic mechanism whereby intergenerational trauma has been kept alive, active and deeply embedded in each new generation over the past 2,000+ years.

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Tell Catholics for Renewal to not involve us in their internal arguments

Perhaps a million Australians or tell Catholics for Renewal to not drag us into their internal religious conflicts.

Perhaps several million Australians have been exploited, used and abused, molested and denied proper access to justice; much of this in relation to the sexual abuse of children has again been exposed here in our own country through the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional failures; all of these abuses began in the childhood of those now aging survivors who took courage to come forward so that others would never again experience the horror of a run amok depraved religion.

Today abuse against those very same children continues as they grow older and suffer more from their abuses; their only hope is that the recommendations of the Royal Commission will shock the nation so deeply that direct and immediate action will be taken.

What are the chances that those who have been legislatively denied their natural human right to justice for the entire duration of their life will get to see and to experience the beginnings of justice and redress for themselves, for their children and their families.

Not in their lifetime remains just as it was for any who questioned the known activities of pedophile clergy in their own childhood or questioned the Institutions who aided, abetted, manipulated and abused for decades the very tools that were supposed to protect the innocent.

The largest cluster of child sex crimes were carried out against the most vulnerable of children in plain sight of community, police and government for decade upon decade under the auspices of the Christian religion. Police returned children time and again to be raped and molested simply because of the abeyance of individual officers at every level of these Institutions.

The Catholic Church is the obvious leader in these crimes against humanity and to date there is little public outcry and no public pleas for funding for programs for the many survivors while there is incentive to use their plight once again for others religious reasons.

When viewed in real terms the insanity and barbarity of this period has few comparable examples in history simply because of the scale that it had been permitted to expand to and the fact that the abuses were strongly focused towards children all the while touting their holiness simply so they be placed in positions of power where they could traffic and abuse children for the financial gain of their religion.

That the Australian population appears to be numb and incapable of stepping out beyond the isolated clusters of bright ribbons flown to represent a child whose life essence was drained by a system of overblown power through mysticism, mythology and superstition.

With many of our authorities still bonded in cognitive bias and indoctrinated abeyance as a result of their own compromised childhood experiences. From inside the bubble of Catholicism it remains impossible for them to see the reality of the causes; they remain incapable of understanding that teaching mythology to children as though they were real distorts their way of thinking. Sometimes permanently.

Many Catholics born into the religion grew up with the notion firmly set in their mind that they were entitled to an afterlife and that they had to repress every attempt from reality to peek into a world of biblical fantasy; a world of power, oppression, ostracism and shunning. A world where commerce was in many instances dependent on religious relationships or connections.

Many derive their income from Church related business and remain afraid to speak of their own personal horror that each experiences on learning that an impossible being resides in their mind and monitors and judges their every line of thinking. This horror has been permitted to be inflicted on generation after generation of vulnerable children, whose stated human right is to be free to reach the age of reason without these forms of psychological slavery.

When will we in Australia get to see a change in power from a superstition driven history to one of sanity, equality and caring for those abused by these abuses sanctioned by the gods of mania in the core of every religion.

You will know when things are changing when you see and experience genuine support in your recovery that comes free of any obligations to the religion that was used to abuse you and many millions of others. When you can find a safe place to rest from the overbearing presence of religion; a place that relies on science and evidence to assist in your recovery.

It simply is not coming. Not in your lifetime.

The thinking is changing ever so slowly and the arguments are becoming more sophisticated and delusional with many still clinging to the notion that if only the Pope, the Vatican, the Cardinals, Bishops and clergy only knew the reality then they would follow a cherry-picked set of steps whipped up in desperation by one faction of the Catholic cult who is trying to ride their set of religious doctrines as the answer top two thousand years of ongoing rape and exploitation that today we refer to as clericalism.

That an attempt to use the plight of survivors as just then weapon or tool to further the ambitions of Catholic Renewal. In its recent open letter there was a distinct lack of any mention of assistance for those whose plight they are using in their campaign. Their 6th reform simply states "Reconcile publicly and fully with all the persons abused, their families and communities, and commit to just redress". Catholics for Renewal are obviously unable to actually implement any programs such as a public appeal to go to directly assisting the many victims who have been repeatedly traumatized in the broken systems that are still in operation and the continuance of legal obstruction that is still happening to any who are attempting to obtain redress through our legal system. Tell Catholics for renewal to not drag us into their internal arguments.

Today there are uncounted tens or hundreds of thousands who are yet to perceive that it is safe enough to come forward, for they in the manner stated by Commissioner Murray are observing and what they are seeing offers them no hope except on the horizon many years away, no genuine encouragement through any system of authority or any part of the Catholic or other religions.

Not in the lifetime of the many will there be safe houses and access to the real programs and actions that are genuinely needed.

Australia sits in dumbfounded shock and is hoping that its religiously constipated authorities can work out where their real allegiances should lay and how they can effect change in the community to one that genuinely cares for the victims in a way that does not offend the Catholic Church and other religions. When that hypocrisy ends there will be room for progress and justice; until then "Not in my lifetime" should remain on the lips of every Australian as well as those who are tasked with making real moral and effective decisions on our behalf. While there are hundreds of actions that can be taken our governments in the main have deferred until the findings of the Commission are handed down further delaying and obfuscating the pathway to justice for victims. When governments are no longer constipated by religious indoctrination and childhood bonding to the abusive religions.

Will you get to see justice prevail in your lifetime?

2017 04 06 17-07-21 Call from Peter Johnston head of Catholics for Renewal

Received a call from Peter Johnston head of Catholics for Renewal - just a courtesy call to say that he had read my blog and he understood me completely and then put me in a box and labelled me medically and morally in just 3 or 4 minutes. In hindsight I have not been able to get that much from weekly psychology sessions over a long period of time.

I did get to hear how his family was so dysfunctional and how it was directly affected by clergy sexual abuse and despite saying to the effect that he would not go into details on that and of course he did. It was obvious to me at that point that te head of Catholics for Renewal was on an agenda and it did not matter to him how many abused children he used in his quest to turn the misogynistic Catholic empire into a mum and dad religion.

I also got to hear of all the good works he is doing. From his account he at least has got the catholic Church issue summed in a neat bundle along with a list of legal needs and that has informed the Royal Commission of just exactly what they need to do so as a Catholic trying to save the world from runaway moral, ethical, sexual and sanity issues that come to us via the Catholic Church safe in the knowledge that the only infallible man on the planet got it wrong.

It may have been that and then again it may have been something else that elevated him to the profound position of claiming to despise and to ignore the pope and yet they plead to him in an open letter and that they think they are just fine and dandy to bundle survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic and other clergy into the mix as that will assist with his agenda.

That probably sounds normal but only if you are a Catholic as far as I can recall of the culture.

Today's Catholics have simply grown amazing in their ability hold multiple opposing moral positions and to be able to disallow both simply because of his personal experience with women taught him something that then permitted his internal church politics to over-ride the dignity and the respect of tens of thousands of clergy sex abuse survivors.

I left with the understanding that being Catholic and thinking you have the right answer this time is sufficient evidence to use the horrible position so many still find themselves in.

Some of those important issues that I wrote of such as support and assistance for abuse survivors (support for their cause) did not get a mention so obviously that is not high on the agenda of "Good Catholics" today.

Peter simply wanted to give me an explanation as to where Catholics for Renewal are coming from.

Quite obviously they are coming from a different place with different motivations than where I am coming from and it was obvious that Peter thinks it is just fine to barter bad psychology as 'trade' in the lives of children and those abused as children so long as he gets his way in the end. Aside from the bad psychology it is quite insane and quite immoral, it is offensive and unsupportable. Give him a call and let him know your thoughts on the issue 398417097

2023 Findings in Spain found that 0.6% of the population of Spain had been sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests and laity. Being a 2024 Catholic in today's real world

Current world population is 8 billion - 0.6% = 48 million alive today who are likely to have been raped by Catholics globally.

The church protected the perpetrators, not the victims

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"This is a matter for the church and I respect the internal judgements of the church. I don't stand outside the church and provide them with public lectures in terms of how they should behave. I've noted carefully what his Holiness has said in the United States. Obviously that was a source of great comfort and healing in the United States. I'm like all Australians very much looking forward to what the Pope has to say here in Australia as well, as I am to my own conversation with the Pope later this morning." Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, 17 July 2008. more

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Wednesday, 22 June 2022 - I may not have this down syntax, word and letter perfect or with absolute precision in every aspect; however time and the evidence will show that I am closer to the truth than any religion has been or will likely be.
Let history be the standard by which that is measured.

Youtube - listen to Commissioner Bob Atkinson get it wrong - again
The Commissioner informs us that the clergy sexual abuse issue was all over and that it had only been a small statistical glitch around the year 2000. History shows this to have been a display of absolute ignorance on the issue ...

Makarrata : a better future for our children based on justice and self-determination. The Uluru Statement from the Heart. See Yours, mine and Australia's children. I acknowledge the Traditional People and their Ownership of Australia.

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Hegemony: The authority, dominance, and influence of one group, nation, or society over another group, nation, or society; typically through cultural, economic, or political means.


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2024 is the year of Survivor's High Court challenge of the legitimacy of the Catholic Church and its religion on the basis of its primary allegiance and obedience to a foreign state.

Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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