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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

The FAQyMe gene #573

"Learning of our sense of our moral and social obligations, responsibilities, and ways we can become more useful members of society through protecting the Rights of the Child."

God's continuing failures together with the coercive men of the Vatican

Published: Tuesday, 5 July 2022 10:34:04 AM

Updated: September 13 2022 16:15:02. AEST

If there is any kind of God, it certainly will be smart enough to not allow itself to be associated with such a monstrous failure as the one we have with the Roman Catholic and the Christian religion. That is what the cover up of child abuse is largely driven by.

The growing numbers of survivors who have gained knowledge and understanding on their own place in a world that has allowed a belief in a God to hijack entire countries into continued failure as they show daily that they cannot be dissuaded from abusing those who speak the truth from their knowledge of the world around us and not from fantastic claims of or from supernatural beings. In that respect knowledge and the spread of information was taken away from the gods and the children learned based on the best available evidence that they are indeed evolved mammals and that there are no gods other than those who make fantastic claims without suitable proof of ownership and other rights beyond self made claims in the past, in the present and in the future that do not provide safe ground for safe personal human development.

Children do not thrive in an unsafe environment and the so-called God of Rome continues to fail the children within their sphere of influence; yet is unable to champion human rights for all children.

Any God who fails in this aspect of nature, fails every human or cognizant creature on this or on any other planet in the universe.

When it couldn't get worse, it did. Through the control, development and wants of men in the Vatican who live the most un-natural way of life possible authorizing themselves to control all humans under their banner and claims of supernatural and supreme beings. It's one of the most bizarre notions that persist for humanity in 2022.

A religion that claims authority and treasures humans is simply not possible under the unchangeable rules of Christianity and delusional men and women stuck on the world's oldest myth held in place by fear and coercive threats against the vulnerable.

The world has advanced past where the Vatican, it's gods, it's demons, devils and it's heinous threats, all are nothing in the face of the evidence that we have learned and taught the basics of to just a few generations of children over the past few hundred years of human development using the scientific process as the determinant of evidence.

How else do you describe such a widespread cover up if you are to be factual and real about it?

All of humanity be damned to the delusions and fabrications of badly affected men in Rome while they hold their failed beliefs in supernatural things, wield their power and their claimed right to be ruthless to extend their control through approved threat, rage, murder, rape, war or whatever they allow at the time while they build and market an illicit construct of the human family that deprives every individual human man, woman or child a target to be drawn under its umbrella.

The Human right to be a genuine and real human being along with the right not to be sold, trafficked, bargained or trade into the slavery that comes from this sick form of hereditary religion is not openly spoken of or discussed with the men in Rome who claim authority over the way your mind works and they are unwilling to release their grasp on any human that they have; no matter how illicit, no matter how immoral, no matter how inhumane. Simply because they have been able to for centuries - thankfully that is no longer possible since you have read and understood the reality of these abuses and the harm they force on to so many innocent individuals.

This happens when great authority, the greatest religion and the arbiters of truth and justice have been found to have aided and abetted for centuries in the rape of countless children who were used time and time again to serve only the vanity of those morally, socially and ethically corrupted by the failed doctrines that were said to have been infallible.

The sheer madness of it leaves you breathless; the scale of it is staggering, the harm is immeasurable and yet they will not relinquish their grasp on any human child that they can infect with their fearful doctrines that kill the natural human inherent in each new born homo sapiens child.

For the men in Rome the life and psyche of the child is of no concern just as it is of no concern that the horror of cheating a human child with clouded moral teachings, greed, power over others and denial of the right to freedom by human children.

No religion openly and genuinely champions the human rights of children - until they do they will be clearly seen as just another historic failure of a god made up by compromised men and women masquerading as representatives of some made up god or creator of the universe because it gave them power and control over those who stole their life for the insanity of living within the full extent of mythology while science and evidence abounds as to the reality of our evolution and development that teaches us the best way to raise and to protect our children from charlatans is not protect them the Constitution unless that have similarly fantastic, replicable, verifiable evidence for each and every of their claims.

It's not a lot to ask when the Human Rights of children is at stake.

God publicly fails yet again in front of the entirety of the universe
God's continuing failures together with the men of the Vatican
It's not a lot to ask when the Human Rights of children are at stake
The Last of the Infallible Religions


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Addendum Wednesday, 22 June 2022 5:08:27 PM - I may not have this down syntax, word and letter perfect or with absolute precision in every aspect; however time and the evidence will show that I am closer to the truth than any religion has been or will be. Let history be the standard by which that is measured.

The Commissioner informs us that the clergy sexual abuse issue was all over and that it had only been a small statistical glitch around the year 2000. History shows this to have been a display of absolute ignorance on the issue ...

Makarrata : a better future for our children based on justice and self-determination. The Uluru Statement from the Heart. See Yours, mine and Australia's children. I acknowledge the Traditional Ownership of Country throughout Australia.

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A lack of denial is a terrifying thing to encounter by those still immersed in hiding from their own failings.

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Hegemony: The authority, dominance, and influence of one group, nation, or society over another group, nation, or society; typically through cultural, economic, or political means.


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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