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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

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"Putting it all together : adaptive responses to extremes of adversity, finding Safety and Recovery from disruptions to developmental and natural attachment processes - Exploring the reality of Trauma in Religion in 2021 Australia."

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Published: Friday, 17 December 2021 6:45:16 PM

Updated: December 29 2021 13:24:22. AEST

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It happened to align with the public speech and predominant Christian religions. The shit they sell it's not the shit they do, but they ship, they have thousand. And and I do know the backlash that comes from when you actually want to implement on the ground. These proclaimed wonders of humanity and to do that in a secular way.

In my own secular country. I find it.

I see that's your misconception is that we live in a secular country.

Well with Australia identifies itself. No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't. No, it's a constitutional monarchy. It's very clearly defined. You take claims that it's secure. Oh no. It doesn't need promotes itself since nationally is sure.

Yeah, that's market has different. But okay, there I do understand. It's only a wordage thing and we have a long deep history of rewording things, like one that just pops to mind off the top of my head. In this opening sentence of the agreement for the real redress scheme.

National redress scheme, where they and not from blind that it's human rights reasoning. They stated right at the very beginning, very clearly that it's not actually redress.

What's not redress?

The redressv scheme.

What is it?

It's acknowledgement right? And and say one gets through after question.

Why would that be important?

And the only answer is that I've been able to glean from my life experience of reading conversation and general knowledge. And is that?

Australia, has it's signature to a number of international agreements and one of those which which I don't know which particular one and it is. But we figuring trees to a number of the UN conventions or portions of your inconventions. We're fairly selective group and one of those defines redress, okay, and we have obligations to provide redress, this is why it's called the redress scheme.

It is the scheme to take away the weirs of the word redress because of their international obligations, if we continue falling at redress we would have to fulfil the obligations of that agreement, which talks of a range of human rights things. So to get around that, the first agreement we need to get from those applicants is that they understand that they're not getting a redress package.

They're getting acknowledgement. Now, nowhere in any international agreement that Australia has, is there any requirement to fulfil an acknowledgement agreement in any particular way, it can be done? However you like on the back of the dark side of the toilet roll, if you want, there's no international agreement in feeding that, but if you call it a redress scheme, there is yeah.

So this is why they are able to drop a hundred thousand off the top bracket and desig a program like they have which they're up for their third review and no one's answering the question as to how many suicides in thats mmm in the process. How many of them dropped out and there's no delicate is to why?

That is and the uptake is low. The problem right? Is incredibly high. And Yeah, it's a very poorly implemented. Piece of legislation. What's this? That's the site that I'm running in Google Cloud right now. You are. It's just a demo about. Yeah for you but that's this is a external IP that I'm accessing the external IP.

All right? Yes.

So what you can but you can sell the glasses, I can do any any site. This is just real products. This is a fake product with the, but it's it does have a working cart and stuff. So what what? It's online boutique. This is Google Cloud. Yeah, it's running in this here.

This is a Kubernetes cluster. Even eighties humanities cluster, see you be. Can you be Kubernetes Explorer navigate to Right? Kubernetes. And that's Developing meant environment. It's a, it's a, it's a platform. Yeah, it's a platform for managing distributed workloads and easy deployment of a project. Okay? Okay, and this is the one that you were saying that this is what we're gonna move to, right?

And this is the one that you're going to do a demo. That demoralise three shares of something to fight? Yeah. Credit rate shells or something. Yep. Credit well let's if you don't trade money, you trade shells. Yeah. Well bottle caps. Yeah I prefer the shells I think but actually future economy the but I would need a grind of but that's I'd just what I want to move towards is make our own filament and 3d print shit.

And hmm. Well, at the other way to do that is that you can, if you had a see that's that's the sort of business that we should start is a because accretion ocean equation using solar and wind power, and you build a filament framework and of all you build a whole lot of ones.

You have a traps the sediment, do you have a wire and you run an electric currents through it and and it builds other carbonate? Yes. And so then you can take that and build a structure, plug it in and say, grow you fucker until I've got a unfortunately though there's a limit.

Well, well I'm I don't know, maybe how the balance would work out. But the thing is that because there's more CO2 in the atmosphere, there's more CO2 dissolved in the ocean, which makes carbonic acid which dissolves calcium carbonate, which means that like corals and and and I forget that umbrella name for creatures with shells and stuff.

It's harder for them to get the to make that show like it, but it's about him, it's a way that shows. I don't know if that would but then consequently you're creating and basically an artificial reef. Yes. But I'm what I can design it to have all the right flow and well, I can do that.

Part two, I can build a reef that way I could, but I could also build something of that suitable for structure. I can take it out of the ocean and let it dry. I can use it as a core for columns there and you can pull concrete around it.

So, you reduce the concrete, take by x in, crumbling up, and use it for concrete now. Is that taking upstairs to in that process You concrete? It's going to negate a lot of that. Probably.

But I think in the ocean, current intermittent power is, is available freely, right? If you had a process that was in the water. So to speak like that. And, and, and all you needed was to add electricity, because if you headed on the barge and you dragged it out beside two big ocean, wind generators.

And you could be so fucking good at management there that you would be paid to take electricity from them. Let's have the name. I have. The system goes that, that this is the power storage and supply problem. Right? There are times in the greeting, Australia, when, when power generation pays customers to use electricity.

From there. And these other toys, when, when the price goes down to makes the fucking zero, it's giveaway where it's free. And and So an intermittent service that runs on cheap electricity that takes that can take that.

Usually only available in peaks, they might only get and two to three hours a day there. But if you've got a process that's that you can suck it up, start and reuse it in a different way and equation. One I thought you can do, you could build grapes very much so that just uses steel mission electrified.

When you get into the dream world, I live where I live I have. And my last a plan, involves the construction of a mountain range. And and if you build a 15-mile, long mountain range. West of here. Have you heard of the? You would affect whether here have you heard of the Great?

You could, you could with a mountain range of that dimension, you could build a mainland sea. Yeah. Those, there's talks of

And in the process you've your harnessing a great deal more water by thankful. Now when you build something like that, you've got room to grow all the tomatoes Australia needs, and all the tomatoes and Asian needs. Yeah. And and under that umbrella, we've got the spaces. We've got the places and yeah, surprisingly you don't have to to influence whether like that it doesn't have to be that high.

Mm-hmm. Feel like you'd be better like building cities along that sort of thing and use the heat island effect or something, you know, like to if I mean, sure, that would be easier than building a mountain range. Well but yeah, those are plan to like make either some river or like, what's it called?

I can't find it but like the idea was to either have the ocean, go into the middle of Australia or, alright? Or flood planes to be redirected into the middle of Australia. So it would. Yeah, it would green it and have a similar effect and then yeah, people could irrigate from it.

Yeah. But, yeah, I don't know how you go convincing people to do it, I think they're being a couple of things. But well, it's a, it's it's doable, this is the first thing, I mean, yeah, we're capable of doing it but you talk, it's like, yeah. Terraforming on a, on a mars scale, you know, like it is the other alternative you have.

I think, I think they're like I wanted to see, you know, coal. I mean, a fossil fuel magnate so known about climate change since, you know, 50 or whatever. Right. And obviously done nothing, and, yeah, there's profits, but I wonder if, at some point they were like, well, looking, if we can have that big of an effect on the climate maybe, and then, like, with with in, which was pretty much in conjunction with the space race, right?

Yes. So like, okay, so we know that we're affecting our climate here, we're starting to travel the solar system and like that. Seems that it seems that, you know, maybe there was water on Mars, maybe I don't know how what our knowledge level was, that, that sort of stage.

But, you know, if you're if you're a billionaire, you're in contact with lots of smart people and so maybe you do know about this sort of thing then they're like, right? Well that's obviously gonna be the next gold rush. Our family is a positioned that we can act on whatever thing of that magnitude, right?

Like being the Elon Musk of their time and I can see a profit. Yeah. And so obviously they take the profit now and and sell the oil and stuff, but they're like it's gonna come a time where there's a tipping point, we know that. And and we're gonna continue taking profits which will require the subsequent terraforming of earth which is already begun.

Like the the there's the CR2 capture. I think one for me, please. That's a big old. No, no. It's just wrong with nothing to a

Door with the direct carbon stock capture, right? Okay. So, well like experimenting with ways to increase the efficiency of altering our atmosphere. Yeah, in in the negative sense, like, if they knew that we were to balance, sorry in the positives that, yeah, like that fossil fuel knew that we were changing our and changing our atmosphere for the negative.

And and also with the like on a much smaller level, the dealing with the ozone hole, you know, we're like oh well these are the chemicals that are causing it so that it's you know they get out of the atmosphere reasonably quickly as long as they don't continue to be admitted.

So we stop doing that and then we go back. We see that we can, we can't affect negatively, and then we can return to positive through the accord at the, we get there because of our purposes. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah, and the difficulty is is that when you have an economy that is driven by market forces and until the economy, well, see, I don't, it's not the markets, it's not that you got a better, you got a big crime in the corner.

It's not. I don't think it's the market force and necessarily that other issue. I think it's the insistence of infinite growth.

You know, that's population? Yeah, it's population but it's a, it's a like we can still have population growth with a recognition of finite resources and and deal with that appropriately. Like it's the externalities of infinite growth. So we just target forces, right? Everyone's trying to compete to be the cheapest which means that you cut corners where you can, which means that you don't dispose of waste properly.

You've used the most, the cheapest waste. No, the cheapest product streams and that's market forces again. Mmm, so called but market forces can also act to regulate those things in earlier if you like like with the carbon tax, that labour tried to do, right? Like that was trying to include the externality of carbon, yes, into market forces, the carbonaceous carboniferous carbonaceous calcium carbonate that you get from accretion onto electric and electrified wire.

If hanging in the ocean, there has to be absorbing can. Yeah, but it's sucking the carbon off of the animals. It's taking away from the animals. You say there's only so much calcium that can be dissolved in the ocean at a certain age. So the thing like we need want to be but if we should do it in an area doing direct carbon storage and you use that like when you yeah if you, if you can get some sort of solid product out of it, which I presume you do, that's what I'm thinking.

Then you can use that. Yeah, but I wouldn't be sucking it out of the ocean because the ocean is the best common sink. We've got the, the thing is. Yes, it is. And and that means that that's a place to mine it from within that in our speak. And this is just a different way of mining.

The better way would be maybe to like use a. Like, It comes water through like a biofilter thing, that that it sucks, the air sucks the carbon out of the air, you know?

If you take a carbon and a few million tons of carbon out of the ocean, it will it will. Because it's a carbon sink. It will take up more. There will be a point where it's the word doesn't want anymore or or some such. I don't think that that loop into incident removal of a few million tons per year, through my process of producing the aggregate for concrete.

It couldn't, it could be turned into concrete too. There put into buildings that have a hundred year vice panel longer there. I think that that's the way and if you can do it on the, on the excess energy thing, you can take advantage of that. So you reduce your cost of power and then it comes down to how much productive time blah.

I think calcium carbonate is positively charged.

Which I presume would mean that said it is nine. So, it's basic.

Two minus of oxygen. That's got niche, should have neutral charge, I think.

One coven.

To plus,

It's neutral. It's got a carbon with three, oxygens, double bonded, to it. And then a calcium ion calcium. That is this one CA is the calcium and that's your. And so one carbon and it's carbonate. Yeah. Three oxygen. So with double bonds? Yeah, you would have to consider that for every yeah, three times.

You did taking three times the amount of oxygen out of the water to do it as well. That would be dissolved oxygen and I would imagine. Yeah.

But then,

This is carbonic acid.

So I can use bicarbonate for and for making the water more basic. I got another one for you. I'm just,

Hey, it might be onto something. We might have to try a little small scale, get an understanding. All right. I don't know how how much why you would need? Yeah, I don't know. I just know that it's the process. My other one is this from only read it in one place.

So I don't know how accurate that was but the statement was that nuclear power generation plants like to work with a steam temperature of around degrees Celsius That's a manageable pressure. Okay. And then when you go and you look at hot rock technology and they're looking for temperatures of 800 and above and to get that, you need to be down 10 to 15 kilometres to get there.

However if you if you preheat the water with the nuclear, well no if you if you don't have to deep only have to be half the buddy depth of what the hot rock people are talking about and you should be able to get a continuous supply of 300 degrees Celsius water or stain.

Why would you go and look for another 500 degrees Celsius when when you're going to build a fucking nuclear power plant and use throttler down to 300. Sure, you can build a generator. They can use 800 developed, or I had a hundred sea, but you have incredibly efficient and working systems at 300 and, and you have a look at them.

What's the? We have skin on the planet, something sphere and it steps and temperatures. There's this video, you might be this temperature at text.

Lithosphere. Was that what I said? I'm not sure


What tips do you have to go to to get 300? Why do you preach your body to 400 ft?

Any kilometres?

Would you be 20A you'd be 20 on that? Wouldn't he? If you looked at 500,

Yeah, that shows you the top the air shows you didn't.

870 at 40 kilometres, there are hotspots, but

It's going to take considerable energy to bring it up and keep it at temperature.

You get it to the surface and you can drive. Yeah, once you've got a mind and line in like that you can put a platform up lay down and go off and everybody direction they want. And, There, when you producing electricity on those scales, there many billions of dollars could make it happen.

That's what I thought Elon Musk was going. If you take his boring machine and make it go straight down. Mm-hmm, the core. Yeah. All those to the core. Yeah, remember that? Maybe there? Yeah.

Addendum Wednesday, 22 June 2022 5:08:27 PM - I may not have this down syntax, word and letter perfect or with absolute precision in every aspect; however time and the evidence will show that I am closer to the truth than any religion has been or will be. Let history be the standard by which that is measured.

The Commissioner informs us that the clergy sexual abuse issue was all over and that it had only been a small statistical glitch around the year 2000. History shows this to have been a display of absolute ignorance on the issue ...

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A lack of denial is a terrifying thing to encounter by those still immersed in hiding from their own failings.

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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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