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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood. The Christian religion at it's core is a toxic mechanism whereby intergenerational trauma has been kept alive, active and deeply embedded in each new generation over the past 2,000+ years.

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"You never believe it is possible to be living in a culture that has run amok because of a make believe god."

1962 An apprenticeship at the Yea Chronicle

Wednesday, 31 July 2019 10:04:44 AM

An important part of my story and was the culmination of my rape as a child and unknown others in a small Victorian country town where policeman and editor of the local paper conspired to cover up crimes by Catholic clergy. This culminated in the murder of a man who had stood up to protect fellow Catholics and children.

Both policeman and editor were knights of the southern cross as was the man who was murdered

Sometimes its about putting a bunch of scattered life events or knowledge back into its original sequence. It often appears to be 3 or so individual recollections that have been with you since you don't know when and its about the way you look at them. Along comes something out of the blue and immediately causes you to readjust to the new information and sets off a process that is not entirely a matter of something you are in control of. It fits or it doesn't with other bits and pieces. They are so persistent possession that you give them abbreviations or names.

Somewhere in the machinations of the software of the brain is a sequence or something is asking the question how does this fir in with what I experienced? I was powerless with a broken nose again with these godly pillars of the Yea community around 1969.

Who the current victim was on that occasion has haunted me in ways. I am aware of a number of childhood victims of clergy crimes in Yea in the 1950s and 60s. I have not found any reports or press that indicates who the individual was and if there were any witnesses or anyone who has information about these incidents to make them publicly available and/or take then to police.

I obtained the apprenticeship through the efforts of my mother to assist me after the murder of Herbert Kemp. Tom Dignam was a close neighbour and it was through that connection that I got the apprenticeship in preferences to a relation to Neil Garlick who was a qualified tradesman who worked at the Chronicle.

The newspaper was one of the last in the country to use handset type for headlines and other work. I recall using the little one tonner from the grocers next door and driving to Melbourne to pick up the new model 5 Linotype and almost tipped it over coming down the hill into Lillydale. The truck was well under what was required, the machine was quite top heavy because the magazine was fixed and was filled with matrices. I didn't have a license at the time but was old enough to do practice with a licensed driver bedside you. I had suggested a bigger vehicle but was rejected because neither were Catholics and someone had told Tom that the one tonner was big enough. It was a scary moment as it slowly tilted and I had to steer left and slow down even more; I was already in 2nd gear which was lucky but that was still too fast and it began to tilt. He never spoke a word until we crossed the railway going across the flats when he got into me for swearing when the thing began to tilt.

The policeman Bill Ellisson, Tom Dignam and Herbert Kemp and others involved had all sworn an oath of allegiance and obedience to the Vatican as a part of their membership as a Knight of The Southern Cross.

The most interesting modern day aspects of these knighhoods and secrets mens organizations who were all sworn defenders of the faith and that meant abeyance to the wants and dictates of the Vatican all become instant needle work, knitting and geriatric groups when seeking more details about them. These knights from Yea had the ability to cover up multiple child rapes and the murder of one of their own and to get away with it for almost 60 years only to ignore it repeatedly because it does not meet the narrative that their religion dictates. This is not the sort of policing we want to still have here in Australia as it is primitive, tribalistic and undemocratic, as well it denies the human rights of every Australian and any human being who has given a moments attention to the words "justice", "equality", "community", "criminals".

The full story of what I experienced and know of the murder of Herbert Henry Kemp is something that has come with me as a part of my existence. Herbie was my safe person from a very early age as a result of being sexually, psychologically and physically abused in the Catholic convent at around 3.5 years of age by a priest and several nuns.

This set the course of my association with Herbert Kemp on through until his murder in 1962.

I have made a number of attempts to have this investigated and it has become one of the more bizarre experiences of my life. Despite the evidence from the Royal Commission no police force in the country has stepped up and explained their behaviour and role and none have put forward polices and procedures that would prevent this from having a remote chance of it happening again.

Australians seemed to care in the 1940s - that was the understanding I gained from being born 1948 in the township of Yea to Kathleen Rose Brown a First Fleet descendant who father gave her a grounding in Human Rights and equality through his work promoting the Universal Declaration and in training an aboriginal man as a Stawell Gift winner.

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"This is a matter for the church and I respect the internal judgements of the church. I don't stand outside the church and provide them with public lectures in terms of how they should behave. I've noted carefully what his Holiness has said in the United States. Obviously that was a source of great comfort and healing in the United States. I'm like all Australians very much looking forward to what the Pope has to say here in Australia as well, as I am to my own conversation with the Pope later this morning." Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, 17 July 2008. more

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Wednesday, 22 June 2022 - I may not have this down syntax, word and letter perfect or with absolute precision in every aspect; however time and the evidence will show that I am closer to the truth than any religion has been or will likely be.
Let history be the standard by which that is measured.

Youtube - listen to Commissioner Bob Atkinson get it wrong - again
The Commissioner informs us that the clergy sexual abuse issue was all over and that it had only been a small statistical glitch around the year 2000. History shows this to have been a display of absolute ignorance on the issue ...

Makarrata : a better future for our children based on justice and self-determination. The Uluru Statement from the Heart. See Yours, mine and Australia's children. I acknowledge the Traditional People and their Ownership of Australia.

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Hegemony: The authority, dominance, and influence of one group, nation, or society over another group, nation, or society; typically through cultural, economic, or political means.


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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