Trauma in Religion

Stealing the life and human rights of Catholic children; a field guide to understanding the plight of the human child

Trauma in Religion

Introducing the Catholic concept of a God and Satan that is connected directly to the entirety of Catholic clergy, including the pope, the Vatican and Holy See, into the mind of unsuspecting children prior to their reaching an age of reason and consent is a breach of their human rights as it robs them of their autonomy and independence. Clinically this is defined as Coercive Control. (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. PART I, Article 1 1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.). See also UN Rights of the Child.

This introduction strips them of their human dignity, independence and their human right to self-determination, while simultaneously trapping them forever in a state of perpetual compromise via this form of control. Convention on Torture

The outcome is a life of unquestioning obedience and fearful servitude to inappropriate, inhumane and unjust doctrines and dogmas of the foreign nation-state of the Vatican and Holy See in its restrictions and regulations on the autonomy and independence of those it has obtained access to.

Attachment of the victim child to their abusers is a requirement if the child is to survive in the environment; this establishes the base for divided loyalty between the natural family and the substitute family provided by the Church and it's community. This unnatural relationship forms the basis for the many shocked and helpless Catholics today who accurately identify themselves as victims. They are victims; victims of functioning Coercive Control under the pretense of religion via the protections afforded to creation and belief systems. Convention on Torture

These human systems can only be hijacked by the doctrines and practices of the religion. This is confirmation that what takes place is an abuse of human rights. This is not a conscious choice by the victim, however it further shatters the natural human processes without the knowledge or consent of individuals. There are no regulations protecting the population from unregulated religions.

No Christian openly, publicly in word and in action champions the Human Rights of all Children equally, fairly and justly. The global scope of the child rape issue in the Roman Catholic religion is an open and active failure by every human measure or standard that we can apply to it. It continues to strip and destroy the natural rights of autonomy and independence from coercive control no matter how it is applied. The world having to accept that the rape of children is an acceptable cost of having a Roman Catholic religion, priesthood or belief system as it has been practised for hundreds and hundreds of years.

The hapless victims become unwitting accomplices in the deepest possible betrayal of their own country and fellow citizens as they too have had their rights abused and their lives and the lives of their children affected through the ongoing generations-long cover-up of crimes by criminal clergy of the Catholic and other religions.

The doctrine of forgiveness as practised by the Catholic Church has established an unprecedented moral and ethical criminal hazard that defeats every attempt to provide human rights to all people as it repeatedly endangers children and the entirety of society to the criminal standards of the Catholic Church and those coerced into covering up the crimes of it's clergy.

The lack of adequate secular science based representation and inadequate government regulation has contributed greatly to the sexual abuse of hundreds of thousands of Australian children by Catholic and other clergy since federation.

Present day religion and the way it has evolved and is practiced is at the core of dysfunctional attachment which in turn creates the legacy of dysfunctional lives making dysfunctional families increasing youth suicide, mental health support limitations that we live with today.

Dissociation is very common in adult survivors of systemic ritual religious abuse in childhood; the DSM very often labels, exempts and hides this diagnosis on the grounds that it is a common part of religious practices. This can be observed as everyday practice in the abeyance shown by many psychiatrists and others where they deploy that in their pandering production of medico-legal reports for the Judiciary and investigative inquiries.

The world is beginning to come to grips with a growing body of evidence indicating that the style and structure of the Catholic and other religions have strong propensities and abilities to bring larger and larger volumes of people into the world with increasingly complex psychological needs as we divest ourselves of our primitive history. Trauma, Coercive Control, Bullying and Narcissism are some of the disorders that are featuring more and more as we look and learn about this disease that confronts humanity in this ongoing Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Human Rights crisis that we live in currently.

We are for the first time in our history beginning to get a clearer and sharper perspective on this horrific aspect of life that we raise our children in. Comprehending how humans work and understanding that many forms of Threat, Trauma, Coercive Control, Bullying, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Obsessions and Narcissism have been combined, blended and incorporated intergenerationally into our belief, governance, policing, judicial, legal, religious, education, health and social systems helps us and our children understand and survive more successfully. Understanding this can and does help ease the suffering that 2000+ years of human dysfunction has traditionally and legally been brought to us under the guise of being in our own and our children's best interests, thanks to our modern science based understanding in our growing digital age.

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The inability of a child to thrive in a God based rape culture can never be the product of a fault with the child.

   Psychologically disconnected and emotionally dysfunctional clergy wielding life changing life threatening powers over defenceless children is an active and ongoing human rights crime that is invisibly built into the Australian culture.

To know and understand the reality and the extent of the ongoing abuse of the human rights of children in the Roman Catholic religion is far more important to humanity than any right this failed belief system can gouge from the population so it can declare itself a child safe religion under Australian law.

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