Endemic Trauma in Catholic Children

How the most comprehensive abuse of trust possible is developed and implemented generation after generation.

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Catholicism and its base of repeated trauma targeted at young and vulnerable children
Trauma in Religion Stages of Development

An insiders understanding of the processes undertaken in a Catholic environment that compromise the developing minds of vulnerable children

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Hijacking the mind of a child is easy when you use life threat and trauma
Helping answer the "Why" question posed by Justice Peter McClellan as Chair of the Royal Commission

Thank You for caring
Children have a Human Right enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to develop to their full potential without psychological entrapment

Donate or assist in protecting children from the rape of their mind


John Brown - Secular Survivorship in a Religious Rape and Cover Up Culture

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 0 
           Early Childhood #TraumaTheory Opening ~ Earliest recollections at age 3.5

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 1 
           Early Childhood ~ More recollections

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 2 
           Early Childhood ~ 3.5 to 8 Years of Age

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 3 
           Early Childhood ~ More from 3.5 to 8 Years of Age

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 4 
           Early Childhood ~ Perverting the Course of Justice

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 5 
           Early Childhood ~ Age 8

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 6 
           Early Childhood ~ Open Public Letter to Individual Siblings, and more

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 7 
           Early Childhood ~ Age 8 to 14 and on to 21 and my living "out of Culture"

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 8 
           Early Childhood ~ People who have had a positive influence on my life

#TraumaTheory & the FAQyMe Gene Chapter 9 
           Early Childhood ~ Atheist brought up in a Catholic environment or understanding fear and oppression

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