#CoverUpDay737,380 Chapter 77

Myth v Reality Part II

The Land that Forgot Children Is Australia the Land that Forgot that it is all about the Children and their safety, then it is about logic and reason, the truth, the facts, the reality and it really is about fairness, equality, belonging, community, rules of evidence, morals, ethics and commonsense but it is not. It has not been for a long long lime if you take a real honest look at our own individual history. It looks even worse if you ask how do we rate when it comes to our perceptions of justice and you struggle to answer clearly so instead there is that knee jerk reactive response What sort of country has the land of milk and honey, the land of a fair go of good neigbors the rule of law, family become when survivors of childhood sexual abuse by the clergy of so many religious institutions have been shown to have been able to justify protection of known child sex ofdfenders simply because of who those children's rapists were.


A child in an emotionally & mentally healthy family and community has no need for the presence of a God no matter the offered rewards, no matter the sophistry and deception of claimed and real threats

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No Australian Christian religion aspires to the basic principle of providing Human Rights to Children. The horror of it is that children in Australia by definition are secondary and the property of the religion of their parents and their political representatives.