#CoverUpDay737,440 A secular mammal #TraumaTheory Chapter 178

My family are Catholics who cannot support the victims of childhood rape by Catholic clergy

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A secular mammal  #TraumaTheory Chapter 178 My family are Catholics who cannot support the victims of childhood rape by Catholic clergy

My offer to my family and my critics.

My family are Catholics who cannot support the victims of childhood rape by Catholic clergy. The truth avoided at all costs else their eventual journey will be a minefield. In that arena that is the final end game. That is the one part of it all that is real for them.

I am told that one of the ways you can get set straight in this life is to offer your opinions to your greatest critics. The conversation that you get as a result of that brings with it the truth of what motivates people.

Here is a page that lists a few of the things that I am willing to converse about in the hope of giving our children a safer and better world. Please pass this on to those who are my critics and inform them that there is an opportunity for public communication on any of the noted topics as well as topics raised on other sites or public media. Any position I hold across the spectrum of my interests is open to question and I am willing to respond in public on any of the issues I have noted.

I acknowledge those human being who stood up for abused children "I can survive it if I can understand it" Herbert Henry Kemp 1955. Herbie was murdered at Yea 1962 whilst in the Yea hospital and my mother who tried to stand up for their children against a rape and cover up culture in a the small Victorian country town of Yea but were denied and silenced because of the power and the control that the Catholic religion holds over its members moves this crime spree into the realm of modern day mental or psychological slavery and thus making religion responsible for the majority of the mental health issue of the community. .

The list is long enough I figure to give sufficient buffering before the topic actually turns to politics. I am willing to provide an extension to these moral, social and ethical issues in an open offer of dialogue.

If I have yet to add anything to my list of considerations my critics are welcome to inform me.

As you can see I am only getting started on this one but I felt it was a starting point simply because it has a list of things I care about.


Appropriately Redefining Australian Society

Once we work out that we actually might a have a few things in common who knows they might be able to speak about it. Anyway there it is. An open offer to all and sundry and I am open to any response.


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John Brown was born in Yea Victoria 3717 on 27 December, 1948. John grew up in Yea, he went to the Catholic school on The Parade and then a final year at Yea High. He undertook an apprenticeship as a Hand and Machine Compositor/Linotype Mechanic at the local newspaper The Yea Chronicle who recently declined to publish anything on John's story. He left Yea after realising that the proprietor and local policeman Bill Ellisson along with other local Catholics in Yea and surrounds at that time were aware of his abuse and of the rape and abuse of other children in Yea and were aware of the many unreported issues surrounding the murder of Herbert Henry Kemp of ...... read more 1544774955 and more and more and Site Map

Investigation of an unsolved murder in 1962 can no longer be investigated according to police taskforce SANO because a pedophile Catholic clergyman who raped a child at age 8 is now dead. As a result of the dead rapist being unconnected with the murder Victorian police remain clueless.

Later in life John married in Toowoomba only to find that he was related to the then bishop of Toowoomba Bill Morris. Morris was the head of the bishops conference and was the go to person in the country for survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic clergy and yet I was never able to get a time or a conversation with the bishop. I did get conversations or connection with a number of Catholic organisations with varying degrees of weirdness.