#CoverUpDay737,387 #TraumaTheory Chapter 171

I criticised the Church in Toowoomba and Australia - Look at what happened as a result of that

UPDATE: Saturday, August 25, 2018 7:12:38 AM

Only 400 places available from a possible 60+ thousand and you are not going to be on that short list.

Lotto has better odds than that

Feeling screwed over yet? Can't wait to get screwed over again?

Just sit and watch from that invisible vacuum you live in and watch it happen right before your eyes human rights abuses will not get a mention because you have none here in Australia simply because if we did then you and I would have been properly compensated and our abusers investigated.

Does the Latin of the word SANO of Victorian police taskforce fame say "heal" as a verb? Google or see for yourself to see and learn just how the Catholic Church and their God work against you.

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