#CoverUpDay737,440 #TraumaTheory Chapter 125


December 8, 2017


Your clients include many who have been sexually abused by Catholic clergy

Your company has made major investments in technology to assist you in your work. One of those investments includes software, the provider and technical support for this software is on known by some to have been directly connected with the Vatican and their record shows that in the past they have had numerous deep connections and involvement with the Vatican with regard to the sexual abuse of children including one or more of your clients. This person has deep knowledge of the sexual abuse of children and in particular knowledge of the covering up of those abuses within the Catholic Church yet to the best of your knowledge and inquiries this person did not bring any of this knowledge forward to the Royal Commission, police or other Civil investigative bodies over the 5 year period of the existence of the Royal Commission into the Institutional responses to child sexual abuse. You have information/knowledge that strongly suggests they have had contact and have provided evidence/information to internal Church entities and their lawyers over an extended period and that includes extensive knowledge about one or more of your clients.

You look further and find evidence that the software support provider/contact has been directly involved in the blocking and stymieing and other activities that have denied the Human Rights for an extended period of time of one or more of your clients whose reason for coming to you is to break down or through those barriers established by or in the knowledge your software provider.

Would such a scenario cause you concern?

What steps would you take to manage this situation to ensure the privacy and security of your clients information and data now and on in to the future?


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John Brown was born in Yea Victoria 3717 on 27 December, 1948. John grew up in Yea, he went to the Catholic school on The Parade and then a final year at Yea High. He undertook an apprenticeship as a Hand and Machine Compositor/Linotype Mechanic at the local newspaper The Yea Chronicle who recently declined to publish anything on John's story. He left Yea after realising that the proprietor and local policeman Bill Ellisson along with other local Catholics in Yea and surrounds at that time were aware of his abuse and of the rape and abuse of other children in Yea and were aware of the many unreported issues surrounding the murder of Herbert Henry Kemp of ...... read more 1544777222 and more and more and Site Map

Investigation of an unsolved murder in 1962 can no longer be investigated according to police taskforce SANO because a pedophile Catholic clergyman who raped a child at age 8 is now dead. As a result of the dead rapist being unconnected with the murder Victorian police remain clueless.

Later in life John married in Toowoomba only to find that he was related to the then bishop of Toowoomba Bill Morris. Morris was the head of the bishops conference and was the go to person in the country for survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic clergy and yet I was never able to get a time or a conversation with the bishop. I did get conversations or connection with a number of Catholic organisations with varying degrees of weirdness.